17191214_10210955228370591_702193888747883203_nJenn Halvorson – Designer, Crochet Addict, Assistant Bottle-Washer

I’m a Portland-based mother of three kids (who sometimes let me crochet uninterrupted for 25-minute stretches at a time) and published crochet designer. I’ve been crocheting for 14 years…it’s my longest relationship to date.  My amazing husband (and Head Bottle-Washer) is surprisingly supportive of my yarn-hoarding habit, but let’s not rock that boat by questioning it too much.

I used to have an Etsy shop where I sold hand puppets, stuffed toys, and children’s hats with mild success. I grew tired, however, of crocheting the same four items over and over again. Revamp Crochet Designs allows me the creative space to design something unique and original every time. As a result, my customers know they are getting a one-of-a-kind handmade treasure. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.